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Username: Bursar
Make: Matrix Orbital
Model: LK204-25-WB-V
Cost: n/a
Bought from: n/a
Link to this LCD:
Comments: Custom made keypad connected through the frame to the back of the LCD. LCDC is then used to configure the buttons to do what I want. The first row launch various applications (WinAmp, MBM, Outlook, IE and WinTV). The second row switches to info screens (WinAmp track info, MBM stats, date and time, RAM usage, Disk usage). Third row is some more info screens (Network usgae, Weather report, News headlines, launch Calculator, launch Notepad). Fourth row are system commands (Vol up, Mute, Vol down, Backlight toggle, screen pause). Fifth row controls WinAmp (Previous track, Rewind, Play/Stop toggle, Forward, Next Track).


Date submitted: 10/02/03
Rating: 2.94 from 508 votes  |  Doing some owning
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